Travis County Jail Release

You’ve heard about it in the movies: that one phone call that the person is allowed to make in jail. You never thought a DWI charge would happen to you or a loved one and now you’re wondering who you should call. That person is Ken Gibson. If you find yourself or someone you know in the Travis County Jail, Williamson County Jail or the Hays County Jail, your first call should be to Ken Gibson. Even if it’s the middle of night, call this number and you’ll feel better the moment you hear a friendly, helpful voice telling you exactly what needs to happen next.

Why Call Ken Gibson?

While this is probably a first experience for you, Ken Gibson has handled hundreds of DWI cases. What’s scary to you is another day on the job for him, which should comfort you. And the best part is that he practices locally right in Austin and his office is only 2 blocks from the Travis County Jail and courthouse.

But it’s not just Mr. Gibson’s experience that will help you. It’s his understanding that your case is different from the last. Your case is based on specific facts that could only be relevant to your case.

Where to Begin

You’ll find that a Texas DWI is a maze of confusion. To help alleviate this fear and anxiety and to answer all of your questions, you can set up an initial consultation with Ken Gibson. This consultation will fit within your schedule and you’ll learn about the charges against you and how Ken Gibson will defend you. If you would like to schedule your initial consultation and see what DWI criminal defense attorney, Ken Gibson can do for you, please call him right away.

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