Texas Administrative License Suspension

If you are arrested for a DWI, you must act fast! Usually during the arresting process, the officer will give you a notice of suspension for your driver’s license. Following 15 days from the date you received that notice of suspension, you must request a hearing with the Department of Public Safety, otherwise the ALR (automatic license revocation) takes place.

Luckily when you hire the law office of Ken Gibson, we’ll take care of all this work for you. Contact us immediately after you are arrested for a DWI and we’ll act quickly to request your hiring so you have a fight chance of saving your license.

When someone is arrested for a DWI in Texas, they are actually facing two separate cases; one criminal, the other a civil proceeding known as the ALR. If you requested the ALR hearing in the proper procedure here is what will happen. If the arresting officer does not appear, the complaint is often dismissed and the license suspension is avoided. However, this is separate from the criminal court case where they will also seek to take away your license.

If the hearing does proceed the Department of Public Safety must show that there was a reasonable suspension to stop you. They must show that you were in control of the vehicle and that the arresting officer gave you the opportunity to take a breath or blood test an informed you orally and in writing the consequences of refusing and failing the test. Finally, they must show that your BAC was at or over the limit of .08% or that you refused the test altogether.

What Ken Gibson Will Do for You

This can be a confusing time between the ALR hearing and the criminal court case, but we use this to our advantage. We’ll use the testimony from the ALR hearing to help prepare for the criminal case. When we challenge every aspect of your case during the ALR hearing, we are able to better prepare for the criminal case. Even if we cannot prevent your license from being revoked, we can still often obtain an occupational driver’s license that allows you to drive to and from work.

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